North Atlantic Aquatic Connectivity Collaborative

Prioritizing Crossings for Assessment

The NAACC has completed a HUC12 subwatershed prioritization to help identify subwatersheds that may be higher priority for field survey.

The prioritization included criteria such as diadromous fish, brook trout, likelihood of crossing failure, greater uncertainty of crossing passability, and impact of crossing failure.

The results of the prioritization, which may be viewed for the entire NAACC region or stratified by state, are displayed on a web map (click on image below) and can be explored through use of a customizable tool (downloadable here) for use with ArcGIS Desktop.

You can learn how to use the web map and custom tool in our Prioritization for Field Inventory webinar: Presentation Documents Webinar Recording

Please contact Erik Martin with any questions about this prioritization.

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