North Atlantic Aquatic Connectivity Collaborative

Scoring for Passability

The NAACC has finalized two scoring systems to help interpret data collected from stream crossing assessments:

  1. A classification scoring approach, where each crossing is assigned to a category based on the degree of aquatic organism passage (AOP) through the structure. Examples of these fairly broad categories include: full AOP, reduced AOP, and no AOP.
  2. A numerical scoring approach, where mathematical formulas using the data from the assessment compute a numeric score for each crossings. Scores range from 0 (the worst crossing from a connectivity perspective) to 1 (a perfect crossing from a connectivity perspective).

Upon entry into the database, all crossings are automatically scored with both scores. In the mapping interface we currently show only the numeric passability score and associated descriptors. We are planning to implement changes in the map viewer that will allow users to choose whether to display the numeric score descriptors or the AOP classification

A description of both scoring approaches can be found here.

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