North Atlantic Aquatic Connectivity Collaborative

Training Programs

To be certified as a NAACC observer or coordinator, a person must satisfy three training components:

. Protocol training either in-person (3 hours) or online. Everyone must go online to pass the training questions.
. In-person field training (4-6 hours)
. Shadowing an experienced observer at 20 sites

In order to take the online training, you must first be added in the NAACC database by your coordinator. See a list of coordinators in your State.

Training Dates and Locations are posted at the bottom of this page and on individual State pages.
Webinar Dates and Information are also posted below.

Current observers and coordinators must take the protocol training (in-person or online), but can be grandfathered for the other requirements in the following cases:

  • Field training can be waived for those observers/coordinators who have participated in comparable field training prior to adoption of the NAACC protocols and have conducted 10 or more field assessments.
  • The shadowing requirement can be waived for those observers/coordinators who have conducted 20 or more field assessments using a protocol comparable to the NAACC protocol (USFS, VT, NH, ME or UMass).

Next Training Sessions:

Providence, RI - Classroom Training, Field Training, Shadowing Opportunity
June 26-27, 2018 (9:30am-4pm)
Contact jason.schwartz at

Next Webinars:

    No webinar scheduled at this time
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