Offline Manager v 1.8

We will implement a new ODM for collecting Culvert Condition (2018 NAACC protocol) assessments on January 31, 2020.   

Installing new and improved ODMs

New offline Data Managers have been developed and will replace old versions on April 5, 2019

TNC hiring barrier technicians in NY

The Nature Conservancy of New York is hiring two stream barrier technicians for the summer 2019 season. 

Enter Data by March 1

As we approach the beginning of a new field season, we will be updating the location and xycodes for crossings, based on new source data. It will be important to have as much data as possible entered into the NAACC database before we perform this update. We are planning this update for the first week in March. If you have records that have not yet been entered into the database, please enter them by March 1, 2019.

NAACC Projects in the Works

There is a lot of activity at NAACC, with plans to add three modules to our assessment toolbox online. We'll keep you updated as modules go live for the field season.