Offline Manager v 1.8

We will implement a new ODM for collecting Culvert Condition (2018 NAACC protocol) assessments on January 31, 2020. 


All users will need to update any ODM they use after this date.


The Non-tidal Aquatic Connectivity, Terrestrial Connectivity, Tidal Aquatic Connectivity and Culvert Condition ODMs will be available only to lead observers who are certified in the necessary protocols.


Observers and coordinators will need to be certified for the Non-tidal Aquatic Connectivity protocol in order to be eligible for certification for the other protocols.


All the ODMs have been tested on Windows 10, Android 10 and iOS 13.3 for the 2020 field season. You must use the latest version of Chrome on Windows and Android devices, and Safari on iOS (iPad or iPhone) devices. The ODMs may or may not run on other operating systems, and probably will not run on browsers other than Chrome or Safari. We discourage the use of iOS devices because Apple limits the amount of storage for web applications to 50 MB or about 10 crossing records.  In addition, changes in the iOS version have often caused the ODM to stop working in the past.  If you have a working version of the ODM on your Apple device, please do not upgrade the iOS version during the 2020 season.  We will not be able to support iOS versions other than 13.3.


You can find instructions for downloading and installing the ODM(s) in the "Installation" section on page 4 of the NAACC Offline Data Manager Users Guide_v1.8


If you are installing the ODM on a device that has never had an ODM installed, you may get a "Service Worker State: redundant" message in the ODM. Just refresh the page if that happens.

The ODM is a sophisticated application, and we recommend that you carefully read the manual, practice creating test records and ensure that all users are trained in its use before the coming field season.